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Haircut Supply Growing Steadily

Due to the slowing economy and the ever-growing hair supply, Daniel Village Barber Shop has teamed with Wahl and Andis Clippers to remove the excess growth of human hair. According to Dr. Jones* of New York, “… hair growth continues throughout the normal human life cycle…”

Maybe you are growing out your hair for the colder weather or just for a new look. During the growth period, hair needs to be shaped up. On men, sometimes just a simple line around the ears and a neck hair taper is all that’s required during this process. Women’s hair  and men’s long styles needs maintainence, too. Trimming the split ends DOES NOT make the hair grow thicker. It appears thicker, because of that line quality just like a clean ear and neck line for men. Haircutting is an art. It is not what we take off, but what we leave behind…a sculptors’ motto.

*Character and quote totally ficticious

We Stand Behind Our Work…If Your Hair Is Not Becoming To You, You Should Be Coming to Us…

Aren’t you glad, you got DVBS?



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One thought on “Haircut Supply Growing Steadily

  1. Mike on said:

    Just passing by. Btw, your website has great content!


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